Zarif visits defence ministry to get to know capabilities, achievements of defence industry – The Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and his colleagues in the foreign ministry became acquainted with the latest achievements of Iran’s flourishing defence industry in a visit to the defence ministry headquarters in Tehran on Tuesday.

Iran’s ambassadors abroad, heads of diplomatic missions, and senior staff and personnel of the foreign ministry, accompanied Mohammad Javad Zarif on this visit.

Zarif was introduced to the latest military hardware, defense systems and weapons systems produced by scientists and engineers at the defence ministry, including aerospace systems, missiles, armored vehicles, electronic warfare systems, radar and sonar, naval systems,  battleships, etc.

Senior scientists and senior managers of various subsidiary organizations, which are part of the defence ministry, briefed the foreign minister Zarif, and personnel and diplomats of the foreign ministry, regarding the latest achievements in Iran’s defence industry. Speakers at the gathering also put in perspective the status of Iran’s defence industry within the wider international community, and pointed out that despite US sanctions against Iran’s military forces and defence industry, which has been in place for decades, Iran has had great achievements in defence and aerospace fields.  Speaker after speaker also referred to the Iranian military’s considerable deterrent power.

At the end of the meeting, diplomats and staff of the foreign ministry, including the foreign minister Zarif,  visited an exhibition organized by the defence ministry showcasing all of Iran’s achievements in defence and aerospace industries.