Iran’s botnet attacked by Android malware

IRNA – Iran’s botnet has been attacked by an android malware on an open port, center for the computer monitoring said on Saturday.

Computer emergency response coordination center, known as Maher, in a report has warned about abuse of the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) 5555 across the country, saying that researchers have found that the attacks to the service have been increased.

The report also showed that most cases of the overall 46,763 attacks had been of a US origin with 15.26 percent, followed by 8.22 percent from China.

In addition to Iran, 113 other countries have been targeted by the malware, the report said.

Last month, a security report revealed that many Android phone makers are shipping devices with Android Debug Bridge enabled by default. This exposed user devices to attacks since ADB is used to offer remote communication with devices. Since the Debug Bridge listens on port 5555, attackers could remotely access to install software or execute other functions.

Many Android phones and other IoT gadgets and mobile phones are bought to end users with Android Bebug Bridge enabled by default to be used for remote communication. The gadgets are, therefore, susceptible to malicious Apps.