Iran to add 84mcm/d to South Pars gas output

SHANA — The CEO of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) said plans were under way to add 84 million cubic meters (3 billion cubic feet) to Iran’s daily gas recovery from South Pars Gas Field by March 2019.

Shared between Iran and Qatar, the field is touted as the world’s largest natural gas reserve in the world.

POGC CEO Mohammad Meshkinfam said operations to ramp up gas recovery from the field will gain momentum in the coming months to add 3 billion cubic feet to the field’s output by the end of the current Iranian calendar year to March 20.

Iran is currently producing roughly 560 mcm/d of natural gas from the field, tantamount to that of Qatar.

The added volumes will be supplied from phases 13, 14, and 22 to 24, said Mr. Meshkinfam.

He further said that two gas sweetening trains of phase 13 onshore refinery and one sweetening train of phases 22-24 phases were operational currently, adding the second train of phases 22-24 would come online within the next two weeks.

Phases 13, 22-24 and a section of phase 14 of South Pars are scheduled to come on-stream by the end of the current Iranian calendar year to March 20 2019.