Hossein Jaberi Ansari

Iran: Syria prioritizing return of refugees

IRNA – Senior assistant to Iran’s Foreign Minister for political affairs said paving the way for return of refugees, setting up reform committee of the Constitution and activation of committee to exchange arrested and missing people are priorities of Syria.

He made the remarks in farewell meeting with French Ambassador to Iran Francois Senemaud at the end of his tenure in Tehran.

He said that Iran from beginning of the Syrian crisis believed that it had no military solution and underlined that confrontation against terrorists.

Senemaud had been appointed as French president’s special Envoy for Syrian affairs and held talks with senior assistant of Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari here in the venue of Foreign Ministry building.

In the meeting, Ansari extended congratulation to Senemaud on his appointment and pointed to potential capacities in relations between Iran and France in different fields and expressed Iran’s readiness to increase consultations and mutual cooperation in the fields of ending regional crises, especially Syrian crisis.

Senemaud said Iran is a big and powerful country in the region and plays important role in restoring stability to Syria and finding political solution process to the crisis.

He expressed France’s support for trilateral priorities, and expressed his country’s readiness for cooperation with Iran in finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis.