Enemies spending huge money to create insecurity in Iran

IFP – Chief-Commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad-Ali Jafari says in recent months a lot of money has been spent by the MKO, those who support the former Shah’s regime, and the Zionists to create insecurity in the country.

Speaking at a Sunday ceremony in Mashhad, General Jafari stressed that the enemies, especially in recent months, spent a lot of money, but we see that they could not do anything, and today our country is secure.

“The enemies of the Islamic Revolution have conspired against Iran ever since the victory of the Revolution and used everything they could to create insecurity and disagreement in society,” he was quoted as saying in a report by Fars News Agency.

Jafari further mentioned that during the imposed war (by Iraq) the enemies thought they could prevent the spread of the 1979 Revolution, while the war, despite its losses, was the greatest opportunity for the export of the Islamic Revolution.

“Of course, our enemies do not realize that such actions, even the soft threats, do not affect us. They are doing everything they can to exert pressure on the Iranian nation, but experience has proved that the Iranian nation is turning the threats into opportunities,” noted the Iranian commander.

He also underlined that the economic threats will be countered if we focus on domestic capabilities, facilities, and resources as the Leader of the Islamic Revolution mentioned.

“The young generation of Iran is revolutionary, believer, conscious, and enlightened; therefore, it is necessary to use the capacity of these huge young forces for the future of the country and the Islamic Revolution through planning, organising and concentrating on scientific work,” concluded Jafari.