Iranian FM: US destabilizing world by extensive arms sales

FNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blamed Washington’s huge arms exports for spreading violence and insecurity in the world, adding that the US weapons have even failed to save the lives of American citizens.

“US destabilizes the world with arms exports, draining budgets that could be used for a brighter future,” Zarif wrote on his twitter page on Thursday.

He stressed that the US weapons have not been able to even save the American people’s life, and said, “35% of global military spending failed to stop 15 Saudis from murdering and injuring 9,000 Americans on 9/11.”

Nearly half of US arms exports over the past five years have gone to the war-stricken Middle East, with Saudi Arabia consolidating its place as the world’s second biggest importer, a report has shown.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri) said in March that global transfer of major weapons systems between 2013 and 2017 rose by 10% compared with the five-year period before that, in a continuation of an upward trend that began two decades ago.

The US, which is the world’s biggest exporter, increased its sales between those two periods by 25%. It supplied arms to as many as 98 states worldwide, accounting for more than a third of global exports.

Russia, the world’s second biggest exporter, saw a decrease of 7.1% in its overall volume of arms exports; US exports were 58% higher than those of Russia.

France, Germany and China were also among the top five exporters. The UK is the sixth biggest weapons exporter.