Iranian, Armenian diplomats discuss closer consular cooperation

Tasnim – High-ranking diplomats from Iran and Armenia held another round of talks about ways to boost cooperation between the two neighboring countries in various consular fields.

The 12th joint consular meeting chaired by Iranian and Armenian directors general for consular affairs was held at the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran on Wednesday.

During the meeting, the two sides reviewed the agreements reached at the 11th joint consular meeting of the two countries and expressed satisfaction with the proper implementation of the decisions adopted.

They further exchanged views about issues such as cooperation to facilitate interactions between the two nations and boost the trade and tourism ties.

They also discussed students and prisoners’ affairs as well as fighting illicit drugs, human smuggling and organized crimes, among other issues.

In August 2016, visa requirements for Iranian and Armenian citizens visiting the other country were lifted.

Later in December that year, in a high-profile meeting in Yerevan attended by the presidents of the two countries, ranking officials from Iran and Armenia signed five documents, including an agreement on using a joint border crossing linking Iran’s Norduz to Armenia’s Meghri.