Saudi plan to siege Iran to fail: Qatari academic

IRNA – Saudi Arabia cannot, even with the help from the US sanctions, lay a siege on Iran, said a Qatari politics professor on Monday.

‘Iran has an immense power to counter Saudi Arabia; the country is present at the three strategic islands [of the Persian Gulf: Abu Musa, Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb]. Iran controls the Hormuz Strait, a water way for big oil tankers, as well,’ Ali Al-Hail told Sputnik.

Iranians have invested $500 bn in Emirati capital and some other Persian Gulf countries; on the other hand, Iran enjoys Kuwait, Qatar and Oman’s support; and they have secret ties with Emirati official, said Al-Hail.

He also added that if any country, including Saudi Arabia, take actions to lay siege on Iran, Qatar will rush to help Iran.