Iran’s non-oil trade with Caspian countries crosses $2 billion

Financial Tribune – Iran’s total non-oil trade with Caspian Sea littoral states in the last fiscal year (ended March 20, 2018) reached 4.15 million tons worth $2.05 billion, marking a 32.64% and 35.43% decline in tonnage and value respectively compared to the year before.

The figures were culled by Financial Tribune’s analysis of Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration’s statistics.

Iran exchanged $101.23 billion worth of non-oil goods with other countries in the fiscal 2017-18, up 15.5% compared with the year before, IRICA reported.

Exports during the 12-month period hit 132.3 million tons worth $46.93 billion, indicating a 6.56% rise as imports amounted to 38.73 million tons worth $54.3 billion, up 24.31% YOY.

The above figures indicate that Iran’s non-oil trade with Caspian states accounted for 2.02% of the country’s overall foreign trade last year.