Putin conveying no message to Trump on Iran’s part

MNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi has asserted that “media claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin will deliver Iran’s message to the US is not true.”

Ghasemi was speaking in his weekly press conference on Monday, where he touching upon the future meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, highlighted that “the two sides will discuss their bilateral issues and Iran is not involved in this.”

Regarding the visit of Leader’s top aide Ali Akbar Velayati to Moscow, Ghasemi noted that the media only focused on economic and oil cooperation while a wide range of bilateral, regional and international issues were discussed by Velayati and Russian officials.

After US illegal withdrawal from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran decided to inform other countries about its new stances and conditions via a constructive framework, said Ghasemi, adding, “so Iranian president’s message was delivered by Iranian ambassadors or special envoys to different countries.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he congratulated French government and nation on their team’s championship at 2018 FIFA World Cup. He also felicitated Croatian government and people for their team’s finishing the event at second ranking.

Answering to a question framed by Mehr News correspondent about Iran’s final decision on remaining in or withdrawing from JCPOA with regard to Europe’s proposed package, Ghasemi touched upon the history of the deal and efforts made by international community to save the pact after US withdrawal.

He referred to the Joint Commission sessions in Vienna held some two weeks ago, adding, “considering the limited time that we have, we are waiting in the coming days and weeks for packages which can meet Iran’s needs in JCPOA framework.”

Iran’s final decision in this regard will be made after receiving final proposed package, he highlighted.

Answering a question on whether Russia has been selected as the host country of Iran-Israel talks, Ghasemi said, “I think anyone who knows foreign policy and understands the principles and stances of Iran’s foreign policy will realize that these claims are not true.”

Regarding Argentina’s request from Russia for detaining Ali Akbar Velayati who was in Moscow, the spokesman said that it was an inapt measure adopted by Argentina. Touching upon other similar cases that has been put forward by some countries against Iran, he added that these are propaganda and part of psychological warfare against Iran and doesn’t matter much.

Regarding President Trump’s remarks concerning US attempts to totally cut Iran’s oil exports, Ghasemi said that “President Trump must stop bragging he would cut Iran’s oil export or driving it to zero; this is the dream which will never come true,” he added.

“We continue our ties and relations with our friends and trading partners and will use all tools to neutralize hostile plots and plans of enemies,” he highlighted.