No problem for Iran energy sector under US threats: President

SHANA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said no problem would be created for the country’s energy, transportation, production and staple commodities sectors, saying: “We are very hopeful that Iran’s economic cooperation with the world will continue as before.”

Dr. Hassan Rouhani, today (Saturday, July 14), following a meeting of the heads of the three powers, stated that the vast majority of countries do not undergo US domestic laws, saying: “In the fields of energy, transportation, production and staple commodities, the country will not encounter any trouble, and we have always been victorious every time the administration and people stayed together.”

“Fortunately, in the face of illegal US actions, the authorities and the administration have had good contacts with different European countries as well as China and Russia, neighboring countries and major Asian countries, and the vast majority of countries that care about independence and sovereignty have responded positively; that is, they say they do not follow suit of US’s domestic laws,” said the president.

He said: “We are very hopeful that the process of Iran’s economic engagement with the world will continue as before, and of course, we have devised plans for issues that may become problematic, and in the meeting today we discussed the solutions that will be implemented at the lowest cost.”

The president said that today, “the United States is isolated in the public opinion of the world and is even more isolated than ever in the eyes of the Iranian people, because the US sanctions are against the Iranian nation.”