Value of Tehran home deals up 44 percent

Financial Tribune- The total value of all residential deals registered by Tehran’s real-estate agents increased by about 44% compared with the similar period of the previous fiscal year.

It reached 2.34 trillion rials ($54.40 million) by the end of the first quarter of the current year on June 21, 2018, Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture announced based on an analysis of official periodic data provided by the Central Bank of Iran.

According to the private sector entity, the predominant factor behind the rise in the value of home deals was the significant hike in the price of each square meter of residential units, which was responsible for 37.82% of that 44% rise, with the rest caused by an increase in the number of home deals. The total value of deals stood at 1.63 trillion rials ($37.90 million) and 154 trillion rials ($35.80 million) in the last two years.