Dy minister meets jailed environmental activists families

IRNA – Lawyer for Kavoos Seyed Emami’s family Arash Kaykhousravi announced deputy interior minister for security affairs had met jailed environmental activists’ families, adding the official had been assigned by a government 4-member committee to meet them.

Kaykhousravi told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Tuesday that the meeting took place last week and each family expressed the problems and issues related to their jailed spouses or children.

He said that details of the meeting might possibly be published in a statement, but some of the families are not interested in having the details publicized.

Concerning situation of the wife Dr. Kavoos Seyed Emami, who has been banned to leave the country, the lawyer said he had referred the case to a special section at the Attorney General’s Office. He said he was told that upon a request of acting head of public prosecutor’s office for security affairs she had been barred from leaving the country, but the reason for this is not known yet.

Kaykhousravi said he would go to the office next week to inquire about the reason for barring Seyed Emami’s spouse from leaving the country.

Kavoos Seyed Emami, a professor at Imam Sadeq University and an environmental activist was detained in late January 2018 along with several others activists and was pronounced dead at Evin Prison in Tehran on February 8, 2018.

Tehran’s prosecutor General Jaafari Doulatabadi accused the environmental activists of spying and said that these people under cover of implementing scientific projects were collecting classified information on strategic affairs.

He said Seyed Emami ‘who knew there were many evidence against him besides his own confessions, unfortunately committed suicide in prison.’