Foreign ministry should expel 2 Dutch diplomats: MP

MNA – A senior Iranian MP urged the Iranian foreign ministry to show reaction to the expulsion of 2 Iranian diplomats by the Netherland with doing the same thing with Dutch diplomats in Iran.

“The foreign ministry should expel two Dutch diplomats residing in Tehran in a reciprocal counter-measure,” said Alaeddin Boroujerdi the Chairman of Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission on Monday.

The Iranian senior law-maker made the remarks after foreign ministry of the Netherlands expelled two Iranian diplomats.

The senior legislator asserted that it is a known principle in international relations to show similar reaction in retaliation for such moves.

He then added that the move by the government of the Netherlands was in line with recent activities of Monafeghin (a terrorist grouplet also known as MKO or MEK) in Europe and on the threshold of President Rouhani’s visit to Switzerland and Austria.

“The Netherlands, with the help of Israeli and American intelligence services, is after destructing Iran-Europe logical relations of reciprocal respect and contribute to what Trump is doing in disrupting the international norms and regulations,” he said condemning the move of the Dutch government.

“As the Netherlands has committed a move, they should expect to have a similar reaction from the Islamic Republic of Iran,” ascertained the Iranian MP.