US claim about blocking Iran crude sales absurd: Veep

SHANA — First-Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said: “With the strong planning and management of the Ministry of Petroleum, we will prove that US claim to stop Iran’s oil exports is absurd.”

Addressing a meeting on the Economy of Resilience on Monday, Jahangiri said the Rouhani administration had detailed plans to tackle the sanctions, saying, “One of the administration’s plans to supply imported goods is the use of the bartering mechanism.”

“US sanctions would not be a straitjacket for Iran as the country would tap various methods to render the embargoes ineffective,” said the official.

He said the administration would resort to a variety of methods to prevent any drops in oil sales, adding, “The continuation of oil exports is a symbol of the victory of the Iranian nation against US sanctions, and with the Petroleum Ministry’s planning and management, I hope to witness this great success and prove that the US’s claim to stop Iran’s oil exports is light-minded.”