Police denies reports of death in Tehran Bazaar chaos

Tasnim – Tehran’s Criminal Police denied rumors that one person had been killed in the recent turmoil in downtown Tehran that led to the closure of the grand bazaar.

Commander of Tehran’s Criminal Police Colonel Hamidreza Yarahmadi quashed rumors that turmoil in Tehran’s grand bazaar over the past days had resulted in the death of an individual.

He said the police are working on the case of murder of a street vendor in the grand bazaar area, saying the murderer has been arrested and the case has nothing to do with the protests.

The convict, who has spent 17 years in psychiatric hospitals, has confessed to killing the victim for personal motives, the commander added.

It came after protesters in Tehran swarmed the grand bazaar on Monday and forced shopkeepers to close their stalls.

The prosecutor general of Tehran said a number of people who incited turmoil and forced the closure of the grand bazaar have been arrested.