Natural gas strategic lever for Iran to hold int’l sway: Dy. min.

SHANA – Deputy Petroleum Minister for International Affairs and Trading Amir Hossein Zamaninia says Iran must export its surplus gas output to Europe and other countries and exploit the item as a strategic lever to hold sway in the world.

According to the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), the official said gas exports should be directed at guarding strategic interests for the country; “In other words, if we can supply more gas than we consume domestically, the surplus volumes must be exported to Europe and other countries.”

He described manpower as the greatest capital in the oil and gas industry of the country, adding, “We must be able to work globally, because a country like Iran, with 100 years of history in oil industry and having the world’s largest gas reserves at its disposal, is expected to have made many strategic gains so far.”

Iran is currently producing roughly 830 mcm/d of natural gas of which 45 mcm/d is exported to Iraq and Turkey.