Iran to defy US sanctions by relying on domestic potentials

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi says relying on its domestic potential and using international capacity, Iran can resist pressures and unilateral sanction of the US and the country should admit that it has lost its past position worldwide.

Qasemi made the remarks in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Wednesday and in reaction to claims of a senior US official on ceasing sale of Iran’s oil.

He said that it seems that (US President Donald) Trump has forgotten that the world today differs from the past thanks to the technological advancement and presence and role of public opinion in international and political issues.

‘The US cannot and should not move towards continuation and intensification of its failed and unilateral policies, which has always been criticized in election addresses of Trump with respect to former governments of the country,’ Qasemi said.

He went on to say that the US might cause problems for countries, but eventually, people of the world and countries will take their interests into consideration and consider the US behavior towards other countries as insult and finally such behaviors will not be tolerated in the world in the future.

Qasemi announced that imposition of policies of a person and county to other countries is middle-aged policy and no country has the right to impose its wishes a and demands on others and other countries will not accept such a policy.

The Iranian official said policies of Trump will lead the US towards a direction to spend tens of trillion dollars on certain things again as the practice does not correspond to rationalism and realities of the world basically and will face defeat after a while.

‘Unfortunately, it seems the US has not yet gained any insight on undeniable realities of culture and civilization and independence seeking spirit of Iranian people and uses such fully defeated and wrong methods.’

Qasemi said the Islamic Republic of Iran can resist such pressures again.

‘Either by illegal exit from JCPOA or such unilateral policies, Trump wants to force the Islamic Republic to turn to emotional and unwise measures but Iran will despite such pressures continue peace seeking policies and fighting terrorism and it will continue to try in line with stability and security of the region,’ he added.

‘I am confident that the integrated world today will not tolerate a country tryng to dictate for others. Policies of pressure and sanctions will not be fruitful in the future like the past and will just increase the distrust and hostility wall in Iran and the region against the US.’

He expressed hope that the US will act on balanced and wise environment and free from any extremism of certain harsh rhetoric by some officials whose policies resulted in instability and insecurity in the region and the world.