Ian Biggs

Australia ‘definitely’ committed to JCPOA: envoy

MNA – Australian Ambassador to Iran Ian Biggs highlighted that his country is definitely committed to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

In an interview with Mehr News correspondent, Australian envoy touched upon post-JCPOA relations of Iran and Australia.

He also talked about terrorism in the region, saying that campaign against ISIL is not yet complete.

Here is the full text of the interview:

What’s your opinion and prediction regarding Iran-Australia relations after US withdrawal from JCPOA?

We were disappointed when there was that withdrawal from JCPOA. Australia continues to be committed to JCPOA and we work closely with the government of the Islamic Republic to ensure that the non-proliferation assurances of the deal to be continue to be felt by everyone involved. Australia is working to ensure that our companies and our institutions are able to engage with Iran and the Australian trade commission in Tehran is now busier than it has ever been in dealing with enquiries from Australian firms and Iranian firms interested in trade and investment in both directions. So we are still definitely committed. This is the year in which we celebrate 50 years of Australian diplomatic representation in Tehran. It’s an exciting time for the people-to-people links between our two countries and I continue to be very hopeful about the future of our relationship.

What is your prediction regarding the future of terrorist groups in our region after ISIL defeats in Syria and Iraq?

Countering terrorism is challenge for the entire international community. Australia has been part of coalition in this region attempting to defeat ISIL. And we know that Iran has also been heavily involved in the campaign. I cannot make a prediction of what comes next. It’s too soon to say that because they are not defeated yet. We are still involved in attempting to defeat terrorism in the region, in many countries of the region; we work closely with for example Iraq in the struggle against terrorism. I wish it was over and we could talk about what comes next but the campaign against ISIL is not yet complete.

Interview by: Mehdi Maleki and Mohammad Ali Haqshenas