Iranian lawmakers demand resignation of 3 ministers from Rouhani’s government

Sputnik – A group of Iranian lawmakers sent a letter to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday, demanding to dismiss three ministers due to economic problems in the country.

“The letter was signed by 50 representatives,” Iranian lawmaker Hossein Maksud told the Tasnim news agency, noting that this is the second such letter to Rouhani.

The parliamentarians demand the resignation of the minister of cooperation, labor and social security, as well as the agriculture minister and the economy minister, all responsible for the social and economic development of Iran.

According to Maksud, Rouhani has not yet responded to the first letter.

Problems in the country’s economy were previously recognized by the Iranian president. He noted that they were partially connected with protests in Iran in late December 2017 — early 2018.
In addition, a few months ago, the country experienced a sharp depreciation of the local currency rial against the US dollar, and the government set a fixed rate for all banks at around 42,000 rials per dollar. At the same time, in the free market, the value of the dollar exceeded 50,000 rials.

In addition, possible US sanctions after Washington’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal may hurt the country’s contracts with major European companies, including Total and Airbus.