Iran always backs talks on Yemeni crisis

MNA – Former Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait Reza Mirabian said Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported political talks on Yemeni crisis.

Former Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait Reza Mirabian made the above remark and said, “Iran always places special emphasis on the issue that solution to Yemeni crisis is political not military but Saudi Arabian government does not accept it.”

Turning to the recent developments in Yemen and diplomatic efforts taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran in line with settling the crisis politically, he said, “despite turmoil of the West in mobilizing a coalition between Saudi Arabia and US over Al Hudaydah in Yemen, they made their utmost effort to use the area as a pressure leverage against Ansarullah of Yemen, but they could not do anything and today, they are begging to get rid of their captives out of there.”

He also pointed to the talks held between Iran and Europe on Yemeni crisis and said, “after the implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Europeans tried to find a political solution for Yemeni crisis while Islamic Republic of Iran has always reiterated that solution on Yemeni crisis is not military but it is a matter of regret to say that Saudi Arabian government does not take into consideration.”

In the beginning, Saudi Arabian government though that they can materialize their objectives through exerting psychological and economic pressure on the impoverished Yemeni people but after years of struggle with the impoverished people of this war-torn country, it has been proved for all that military solution in Yemen is meaningless, Mirabian maintained.

With regard to the measures taken by Iran on Yemeni crisis, he said, “Islamic Republic of Iran will make its utmost effort to restore peace and security in Yemen.”