Iranian activists’ call for talks with US met with bipartisan fire and fury

Al-Monitor- A barrage of almost unprecedented diatribes from both conservatives and moderates in Iran has targeted a group of political figures who issued a joint statement June 16 calling for direct talks with the United States.

Signed by 100 people, mostly of Reformist leanings but with diverse political backgrounds, the statement urges the Iranian government to enter talks with the United States despite the “psychological war waged by the White House” and asks Iran to “bravely” announce readiness for unconditional negotiations to take a step toward resolving US-Iranian differences.

“We, the undersigned, contend that direct, official and transparent dialogue with the United States will benefit regional and global peace and security and will improve the welfare, freedom and dignity of Iran and Iranians,” the statement says, lamenting what it calls the opportunity missed during the Obama presidency.

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