Self-proclaimed human rights defenders committing terrorism: Iranian official

Tasnim – A senior official at the Iranian Judiciary highlighted the Western propaganda campaign against the Islamic Republic’ judicial system and said some countries who call themselves advocates of human rights commit terrorist acts under the cover of defending the rights.

“The Islamic Republic has a judicial system based on a modern and updated perception of legal and criminal law in the world,” Larijani told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday after a meeting with a Swiss delegation led by Bernardo Stadelmann, the vice-director at the Federal Office of justice and Head of the Criminal Law Division.

However, many countries are not aware of the issue, he said, adding that Western countries see Iran’s judicial system as similar to those of some Persian Gulf Arab states but when they find out how detailed and complex Iran’s judicial system is and become aware of its features, they get surprised.

“We explained these issues in today’s meeting and they (the Swiss delegation) shared good experiences,” Larijani added.

“…despite the fact that we have the most modern judicial system in the Islamic world… and even in the West Asia region, we are targeted most by the Western countries,” he stated.

This is while, Larijani went on to say, the self-proclaimed advocates of human rights are committing terrorist acts under the cover of defending the rights.