Regional situation aggravated without Tehran-Damascus resistance pivot

IRNA – Lebanese Minister of Emigrants Talal Arsalan said on Monday that if resistance line extending from Tehran did non exist, regional situation would be worse than that of today.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Fathali in Khalde on the final days of his mission in the country.

Appreciating sincere efforts of Iran’s envoy in Lebanon, he described him as a noble brother for the Lebanese and valuable representative for the Islamic Republic and its scheme for generous coexistence of regional nations.

“Our viewpoints and plans are identical to that of Iran’s and the great and valuable bond between us is resistance line across the region,” he noted, adding that the only solution against Israel’s onslaught is resistance, not for political interests but for a noble life.

“Our life, religion, history, culture, geography, oil and waters were subject to threats in the past and if it weren’t for the sake of resistance from Tehran to Damascus, the situation would be worse than that of today,” he said.

The era of defeats is over and time for victories has come, he stressed.

Iran’s envoy, for his part, expressed Iran’s support to political diversity, national sovereignty and Lebanese resistance, saying that the recent parliamentary elections was a turning point in Lebanese developments which strengthened the country’s stability and security.