UK actress and activist in Iran for Silk Road episode

Financial Tribune- Celebrated English actress, author and social activist Joanna Lumley is in Iran to make a local episode of her documentary series.

Lumley’s trip is part of her latest globetrotting series she is making for ITV Channel. She is covering some 12,000km of the historical Silk Road from China to Venice to make the documentary of the ancient route, IRNA reported on its Persian website.

“There are various routes you can take but I am fascinated with Central Asia and the ’stans – Turkistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan,” Lumley said. “And I would like to take the golden road to Samarkand. I quite like a bit of rufty-tufty travel. You have got to be quite up for it but I am quite a good traveler. I like a kit bag and a rucksack.”