Iran MP slams Netanyahu’s water tech offer

IRNA – Iranian people do not need Zionist plans to address the water shortage in their country, neither do they need any sympathy in this regard expressed by the Zionist Prime Minister, said an Iranian Lawmaker.

Prime Minister of the Zionist regime of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, recently offered Iran to rely on Israeli technology to solve the water issue in the country.

‘The Prime Minister of the usurper regime of Israel is denying water to Palestinians, he cannot advise our people how to address their water problem,’ Yonatan Bet-Kolia, Iran’s Assyrian member of Parliament said on Monday.

‘Netanyahu is better to offer his plans to his regional allies and friends that are helping him to destabilize and make insecure the region,’ Bet-Kolia said.

The lawmaker said that the Iranian people know very well that the Zionist Prime Minister, by taking such deceitful approaches, is looking for starting a psychological war.

Similar to their other issues, the Iranian people will manage to resolve the issue of water shortage in the country, he said.