Kish gas field development, NIOC top priority

 IRNA – Kish gas field, which is estimated to hold gas equal to the amount in five phases of the giant offshore South Pars Gas Field, is a top priority for National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), wrote a professional magazine in Iran.

According to ‘Iran Petroleum’, the rate of recovery from this sweet gas field is said to be 75 percent, which makes it favorable for investors. Given the facility to process gas from the field for domestic consumption or exports, the field has been prioritized for development by Iranian officials.

Therefore, Iran intends to develop this field at the earliest in three phases and raise its output to 5 bcf/d.

The location of this field in the coral and tourism Kish Island has largely affected its development.

Exploration and drilling of wells at this giant gas field, which is acknowledged as the second largest gas field in the Persian Gulf, are underway with minimum damage to the environment, while onshore field development is often harmful to the environment.

‘Cluster A’ wells, located near the airport on this island, and ‘Cluster B’ wells will be drilled to use minimum space possible and cause the least change to the island’s topography.

The refining facilities in this gas field have been relocated to Gorzeh Port instead of Kish Island to prevent air pollution.

The gas is transferred to Gorzeh Port via pipeline for sweetening before being sent back to Kish Island.

CEO of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) Nouroddin Shahnazizadeh [has] recently said the Phase 1 development project of Kish gas field would become operational in the near future; however, there is speculation that the Kish development project would be delayed.

Kish gas field is planned to undergo development after technical obstacles have been removed and necessary equipment has been supplied.

Currently, all projects related to Phase 1, except for the processing unit, have been activated and the drilling of 13 onshore wells is underway.

Onshore installations and the offshore pipeline are being completed and the agreement to establish the power plant has been signed with a domestic company.

The required equipment for the power plant is being supplied.

Kish gas field is estimated to contain 38.3 tcf of gas plus 398 million barrels of condensate. An option is being studied to gather and transfer gas to Aftab Port where the refinery is located.

Therefore, the gas will be piped to the Aftab Port refinery for desulfurizing and feeding into national network for consumption.

Phase 1 development of Kish gas field is expected to produce 1 bcf/d of gas to be consumed domestically, and 11,300 bpd of condensate for exports.

Onshore wells will be 85 percent complete soon, while the subsea pipeline has progressed 83 percent.

Studies indicate that up to 5 bcf/d of gas can be recovered from Kish gas field.

Based on maximum gas price in the region, Kish is estimated to be valued at $250 billion. Measured on global scale, Kish is valued at $500 billion.