Iranian startup offers saffron farmers some solace

Financial Tribune- Taking eco-friendly measures, Iranian startup Keshmoon based in South Khorasan Province has ventured on building a direct bridge between saffron farmers and consumers. According to the firm’s directors, Keshmoon intends to secure a better future for the saffron industry, alongside establishing a reliable source of income for the farmers.

Keshmoon (literally means sowing) was established in 2017 by Qaempanah brothers, Hamzeh and Mohammad, and a close friend of theirs, Siamak Khorrami, all residents of a small city called Qaen. The startup is gradually gaining traction with Iranians.

Coming from a saffron farming background, the young entrepreneurs are seeking to provide customers with the chance to purchase quality saffron from experienced growers directly, reported local news website

Mohammad Qaempanah is of the opinion that the current distribution network does not do justice to conscientious farmers, with consumers not able to tell them apart from profiteering dealers.