Iran speaker censures Trump’s ‘nonsense’ rhetoric

IRNA – What US President Donald Trump says does not make sense in politics, Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday.

‘His statements are extremely nonsense and disturbed from a political point of view,’ Larijani said speaking at an open session of Majlis .

‘One cannot make heads or tails of what he (Trump) says,’ he added.

The Iranian Majlis speaker went on to says Trump’s decisions in the region are out of illusion.

‘Apparently, he (US president) has confused realities on the political scene with impulsive, psychotic, maniac, fabricated behaviors which to us, after all, are out of question; let him keep dreaming,’ Larijani said.

‘The problem is, while he vows large-scale sanctions against Iran, he, at the same time, urges the need to engage in fresh talks to resolve the issue,’ he said.

He said that the statements made by Trump are so crude that one wonders if he has confused the political scene with haggles traded at a farmers’ market.

‘The world of politics is a place for rational interactions and calculations; it is not a place for showing rude political behaviors,’ he added.