Iran to become ILO regional center: Minister

IRNA – Iran’s minister of labor said that a general agreement on choosing Iran as the regional center for activities on labor was reached in the 107th session of the International Labor Conference in Geneva

Iranian Minister for Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Ali Rabiei, heading a delegation, is visiting Swiss to take part in the conference, hosted by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

This year, Iran will host two international conferences on old age and children with disability, the minister said, adding that the events, to be attended by participants from 55 countries, will promote Iran’s status in the international arena.

Iran has been a member of managing board of ILO in three terms, and therefore the country has achieved a satisfactory status in the organization, Rabiei said.

He also noted that in his meetings with delegations from other countries, particularly those from Ireland, Bulgaria and Finland, export of labor force from Iran, giving service on technical education as well as boosting economic cooperation were discussed.

Some other countries, such as South Africa, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Finland, and Bulgaria expressed that they were ready to send trainers, particularly on high-tech, to Iran.