Iran’s top General urges psych war tactics to counter US ‘Unending’ hostility

Tasnim – The US enmity towards the Iranian nation and the Islamic Revolution will never end, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said, calling for constant intelligence readiness and psychological operations to counteract the US plots.

Addressing a group of Police commanders in Tehran on Sunday, Major General Baqeri pointed to the US government’s unrelenting hostility towards the Iranian nation, saying one of the harsh realities on the ground is that the incumbent White House leaders are among “the most anti-Iranian critters” in the history of the US.

All of the US officials are seeking to harm the Islamic Republic and have no compunction about expressing their hostility towards Iran, the general added.

Warning against the enemy’s “diverse and complicated plots” for damaging the Islamic Revolution, Major General Baqeri stressed that the Iranian Armed Forces need to boost intelligence power and monitor all moves by the internal and foreign adversaries.

The Iranian military forces should formulate and employ cultural and propaganda plans and work on “psychological operation” tactics to achieve success in countering the hostile plots, he underlined.

In comments in April 2017, the general had announced that every effort will be made to counter the anti-Iran psychological warfare waged by the US and its allies.

“By God’s grace and in line with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s defense doctrine… we will not back off for a moment from the process of strengthening the country’s deterrent power and defense might, will not give in to pressure, the propaganda war and the psychological operation by the US and its allies, and will keep fighting with the upper hand,” the top officer had noted.