Iran missile development project will never stop: Dy commander

IRNA – Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami said on Monday that nobody can take away missile project from Iran and “everybody who fears can take shelter.”

Addressing a local ceremony at Imam Hossein (AS) Military University, he added, “We have reached a level of power that the US secretary of state urges Iran in its 12 demands to end its presence in the region, as this means that we cannot end Iran’s presence.”

The US secretary of states has also said that Iran should stop development of ballistic missiles and this means they cannot and Iran itself should do it, he said.

Iran will not abandon its might and influence, as it is not physical clout; rather it is Islamic belief and logic that has infiltrated the region, Salami contended.

The commander also said that the enemies can do nothing but sanctions which will prove futile, as Iran is a rich country that cannot be sanctioned and isolated.

It was unimaginable for the West to see Iran transcend borders and threaten their dominance and power in those areas, he said.