Iranian MPs urge firm response to UAE stances

Tasnim – A group of Iranian lawmakers have urged the administration not to remain silent on the opportunistic stances of the United Arab Emirates and its backing for US hostile policies against Tehran, warning that they will take legal action to review ties with the sheikdom, an MP said.

The words and deeds of certain Persian Gulf Arab states, including the Emirati authorities, regarding Iran are unfair and biased, Mohsen Koohkan told Tasnim.

The Emirati officials, who rely on the US and the West, are trying to appease Washington by echoing the US authorities’ hostile stances against Iran, the lawmaker deplored, stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s patience has limits.

Slamming the UAE’s antagonistic attitudes towards Iran and their repetitious claim of sovereignty over three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf, Koohkan said a group of his fellow lawmakers have called on President Hassan Rouhani to review the level of political and economic relations with the Arab country.

Should the call for an appropriate reaction to Abu Dhabi’s behavior go unanswered, the parliament will employ the tools at its disposal to take the necessary measures, he concluded.

On May 8, US President Donald Trump pulled his country out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and imposed new sanctions against Tehran.

Immediately afterwards, Washington’s regional allies, including the UAE, backed the US decision, rehashing concerns about their neighbor’s military power and regional influence.