Macron: Adhering to JCPOA is defending France sovereignty

IRNA – French President Emanuel Macron reiterated his country’s commitment to implementing Iran nuclear deal known as JCPOA, saying that signing the deal was Paris’ choice and compliance with it is defending the sovereignty of France.

Addressing Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Japanese prime minister and several other senior officials from China, Macron stressed the need for implementing international agreements, respecting one another and not interfering in each other’s internal affairs.

If an agreement is signed, it should be preserved irrespective of which country withdraws from it, he said, reiterating that whatever has been signed should be implemented.

Despite US withdrawal from JCPOA, it should be preserved, Macron said, noting that Iran will fulfill its side under the deal.

To solve international problems, multilateral approach should be adopted, as such an approach encompasses sovereignty of all countries, he said.

Asked about continuation of presence of French companies such as Airbus and Total in Iran in case of renewal of sanctions, Macron said that his country will support European Commission’s tactics to defend firms against sanctions.

Talks with Iran should continue and the US should be convinced in a bid to handle current a situation, Macron said.