Iranian Navy Test-Fires Cruise Missile 'Noor'

Commander: Iran needs no permission to develop defense power

FNA- Iran’s Deputy Navy Commander for Coordination Rear Admiral Hamzeh Ali Kaviani underlined that his country will not wait for any powers to permit development of weapons and military equipment to defend itself.

“Today, we don’t take permission from anyone for (production of) military equipment and don’t need anyone in this field,” Rear Admiral Kaviani said, addressing a ceremony in the Southern city of Khorramshahr on Thursday.

He said that the US will take to the grave its wishes to deploy forces in Iran, stressing that the Iranian Armed Forces stand against any bullying and aggression powerfully.

In relevant remarks on Wednesday, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri underlined his country’s determination to strengthen its defense power despite pressures by the West, specially the US.

“Thanks God, today, our Armed Forces are more than any other time at the peaks of defense power and military and combat preparedness and they don’t wait for permission or smile of any power to develop their defense power,” General Baqeri said, addressing an open session of the parliament in Tehran.

He, meantime, warned that the enemies who do not dare to launch a military war against Iran are now attempting to pressure the Iranian nation in economy and through psychological warfare.

General Baqeri underscored that Iran remains committed to its undertakings and respects the international laws and despite its advisory role in certain regional states that has been presented at the demand of their legal governments, it does not intend to launch war against any country.