A look at Qajar era clothing

Financial Tribune- O n the occasion of International Museum Day (May 18) and the National Cultural Heritage Week (May 14-22), Reza Abbasi Museum in Tehran opened an exhibition of clothes worn during Qajar rule (1786-1925).

The apparel, belonging to the museum, are considered unique for their designs and textiles; also the clothes have remained relatively intact after about a century, Tandismag.com wrote on its Persian website.

Clothing during the Qajar era can be divided into two periods, before and after the rule of King Nasser al-Din Shah and his trips to Europe.

Nasser al-Din Shah, the longest reigning Qajar monarch (1848–1896), traveled to Europe thrice, the first time in 1873.

Following the king’s trips to Europe (visiting Russia, Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria), which resulted in the expansion of Iran’s relations with Europe, more foreign tourists and merchants traveled to Iran. The development led the courtiers and ordinary people to become familiar with foreign customs and traditions.

Prior to that people’s outfit still bore a strong resemblance to that of Afsharid and Zand dynasties.

Also on show at the museum are clothes from before the Qajar era that help provide a comparison of the changing times and tastes.

The museum, located at No. 792, on Shariati Avenue, will host the exhibit till May 31.