Iran FM: US not respecting int’l commitments

IRNA – Foreign Ministry in a statement blasted the US for re-imposing sanctions against Governor of Central Bank of Iran, and said that behavior of the US government showed that it has no respect for its international commitments.

According to the report of Foreign Ministry Media Department on Wednesday, the statement said the US Treasury Department’s move in putting the name of the CBI governor and one of the senior directors of the bank in the list of sanctions last week showed clear ignorance of the US for internationally-admitted rules and norms, including immunity of governments and central banks.

Role of central banks in determining and executing monetary policies and creating domestic and internationally monetary stability is evident, so imposing sanctions and creating limitations for central banks officials contradicts international commitments, conventions and common law of governments concerning protecting international monetary stability, the statement said.

The US government function indicated that they do not pay heed to their international commitments and in the eyes of global observers there would be an image of a violator government with lack of commitment to their international obligations.

The statement firmly condemned bizarre attempt by the US which contradicted international law and pointed out that the Iranian government and Central Bank reserve their rights to confront the measure by the US Treasury Department.

Continuation of such destructive and unilateral behavior of the US government may have undesirable consequences for international relations in the field of finance and monetary.