Iran’s coverage: Senior official asks for suspension of N. deal implementation by Iran

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Official urges suspension of Iran’s JCPOA commitments

A senior official at the Iranian Judiciary who calls himself “a critic” of the 2015 nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) said the country’s administration should suspend its commitments under the deal following the US withdrawal from it.


Iranian people will punch U.S. Secretary of State in the mouth – Iranian commander

The Iranian people will punch the U.S. Secretary of State in the mouth in response to a new American plan to pressure Iran, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said on Tuesday.


How can leaving JCPOA make region safer? EU to Pompeo

The EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has stressed that there is no “alternative” to the Iran nuclear deal, after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed “painful” sanctions against Tehran.


Iran relationship with Muqtada Sadr friendly, brotherly

Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi said on Monday that Iranian officials’ relations with Muqtada Sadr are friendly and brotherly.


Britain undermines Pompeo’s ‘jumbo’ Iran deal: Very, very difficult!

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has questioned the practicality of the tough conditions set by the US for a new “jumbo” Iran deal after the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the multi-national Iran nuclear deal.

Russian railways: Electrification project in Iran not subject to US sanctions

The state railroad monopoly Russian Railways considers its project on the electrification of the railway in Iran completely civilian and not subject to US sanctions, the company’s CEO Oleg Belozerov said in an interview with Sputnik before the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.


Majlis Speaker blasts Pompeo’s allegations against Iran

The baseless allegations US Secretary of State made against Iran is not even worth an answer, Iran Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said on Tuesday.

Russian diplomat slams Pompeo’s demands addressed to Iran as nonsense

Washington’s demands addressed to Iran, which US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo voiced on Monday, are nonsense, because they leave no chance for clinching a deal, Russia’s representative at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mikhail Ulyanov said on Tuesday.


Macron heads to Russia in European effort to salvage Iran deal

French President Emmanuel Macron’s trip to Russia this week once threatened to split France from its European allies. Now it’s part of a wider European effort to tie President Vladimir Putin to the Iran nuclear accord.


VP Jahangiri: Mike Pompeo 40 years behind time

First Vice-President Jahangiri reacted to the anti-Iran remarks made by Mike Pompeo, saying Trump’s Secretary of State is “40 years behind time”.