After Iran deal exit, average Iranians worried about the future

Al-Monitor | : The US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has been received negatively by much of the international community, with the exception of Israel and some Arab states.

In Iran, elites are divided about how to respond, with the administration of President Hassan Rouhani pursuing dialogue with Europe to gain “practical guarantees” that promises dividends of the deal will materialize. Meanwhile, other political figures are urging a prompt reciprocal withdrawal from the accord. As for ordinary Iranians, “gloom” appears to be the word of the day.

In his May 8 deal withdrawal announcement, President Donald Trump addressed “the long suffering people of Iran,” characterizing his policy toward the Islamic Republic as one that “benefits all of Iran.” He concluded his remarks by saying that “the future of Iran belongs to its people.” A similar sentiment was echoed in Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s May 21 outlining of the new US strategy toward Iran.

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