Tehran rejects news on Kharrazi-Kerry meeting

IRNA – Tehran’s media attaché in Paris in a statement rejected the news released by some media that senior Iranian official Kamal Kharrazi has met with the former US secretary of state John Kerry.

The news about such a meeting is a ‘sheer lie’ and is part of propaganda campaign against Iran, Hamid Moradkhani said.

Kharrazi, the Iranian attaché said, travelled to the French capital city on Sunday to attend a meetings arranged by Leaders for Peace Foundation created in Paris by the former French prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

Kharrazi, who is Chairman of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, only met with Mr Raffarin on May 13, Moradkhani added.

Some American media in a mischievous move quoted one of the former advisors to the US President Donald Trump as saying that Kharrazi along with two other Iranian officials has met with Kerry in Paris.

Such claims are being made these days following the recent meeting between Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his former American counterpart in New York which drew criticism from the pro-Trump media including Fox News.

Certain US media are trying to create some sort of ballyhoo to evade Washington’s isolation after Trump’s announcement of his May 8 decision to unilaterally leave the Iran Deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Many world powers, including Russia, China, and the European Union (EU) are against Trump’s decision. EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini in a press conference on Tuesday said the EU was “determined to preserve” the Iran Deal.

On the New York meeting between Zarif and Kerry, the diplomat said it was not a secret issue.

To follow the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ‘s order for consulting with the European countries, Russia and China about the JCPOA within one to two weeks, Zarif is openly after getting guarantees from the Europeans for the Iran Deal.