Lorestan’s Shami Kebab; Fairly sour, extremely delicious

IFP – Shami Kebab is one of the original dishes of Khorramabad in Lorestan Province in western Iran. It has many fans and is a fairly sour and very delicious food. 

Shami kebab is composed of a small patty of minced meat (generally beef, but occasionally lamb or mutton as well), with ground chickpeas, egg to hold it together, potatoes and spices. Shami is eaten as a snack or an appetizer.

The name Shami may refer to Bilad al-Sham (the Levant), the modern Syria, as many cooks from that region used to cook the dish in a perfect way. Iranians, however, believe that the name refers to the word shaam which means “dinner” or “evening” in Persian language.

Shamis are often garnished with lemon juice and served with sliced raw onions as a side salad.

In Khorramabad, people do not use potatoes in their Shamis, but there are some recipes in which potatoes are used. In this recipe, we will teach you how to cook Lorestan’s Shami Kebab without potatoes.