Iran condemns Israel for aiding terrorists in Syria

MNA – In a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Iran has condemned the Israeli regime for assisting terrorists in Syria.

“Israeli reckless action in this instance only helped [ISIL] and other terrorist groups in Syria. There is, indeed, enough evidence of the Israeli support to these terrorist groups… and this incident clearly demonstrates their destructive policy in assisting those groups for the purpose destabilizing the region,” wrote Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Gholamali Khoshroo, in a letter addressed to Antonio Guterres, and revealed in parts by Sputnik.

Khoshroo was referring to the February 10 incident, in which Syria downed an F-16 fighter jet belonging to Israel, in response to the regime’s airstrikes on the Syrian Army positions.

The Israeli regime insists that the Feb. 10 airstrikes on Syria was due to an Iranian drone crossing into the Israeli-held Golan Heights; a claim that was refuted by Iranian officials.

“Contrary to their made-up claim,” Khoshroo said, the drone “was neither armed nor had intention for engagement or mission for possible attack anywhere.”

“The Israeli regime invoked that instance for a series of so-called pre-emptive military attacks, including the on April 9 2018,” the Iranian envoy said, adding that Israel’s actions “clearly demonstrate that the military attacks were carried out with the obvious intention to target Iranian nationals and interests legitimately deployed in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran preserves its right to self-defense in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and calls upon the Security Council to uphold its responsibilities by condemning acts of aggression and asking the Israeli regime to stop its dangerous and constant adventurism and provoking behaviors which are threatening the regional peace and security,” Khoshroo wrote.