Spokesman sees Morocco’s move to sever ties as strategic mistake instigated by Iran’s enemies

FNA- The Iranian foreign ministry dismissed allegations that the country’s embassy in Algeria cooperated with Polisario Front, a Western Sahara independence movement, cautioning that Morocco’s move to suspend relations with Tehran over baseless allegations was a strategic mistake committed under foreign pressures.

“It was a strategic mistake by the Moroccan government and it is not the first time that Morocco shows such behaviors,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi told reporters in a press conference in Tehran on Monday.

He said that Morocco has likely cut off ties with Iran under pressure and influence of certain powers and hostile countries, adding that the allegations raised against Tehran were irrelevant.

Qassemi also rejected claims that the Iranian diplomats have received a deadline to leave Morocco, but said they will return to Tehran in the next few days.

The Moroccan foreign minister said on Tuesday that the country will sever diplomatic ties with Iran over what he claimed as Tehran’s support for the Polisario Front.

The Iranian foreign ministry and its embassy in Algeria in a statement firmly rejected any relations with Polisario Front.

In its statement, the Iranian diplomatic mission in Algiers underlined its commitment to reinforcing ties between Iran and Algeria.

Also in a statement last Tuesday, Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah said Morocco cut ties with Iran due to pressure from the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Hezbollah denied allegations made by Morocco concerning the resistance movement’s training and arming of the Polisario Front.

It added that Morocco had decided to cut ties with Iran under “American, Israeli and Saudi pressure”.