Iran urges Int’l cooperation for fight against terrorism

IRNA – Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gholam-Hossein Dehqani said on Saturday that uprooting terrorism requires international cooperation coupled with serious political determination and regional agreements.

Dehqani made the remarks addressing a conference on the fight against terrorism in Tajikistan’s capital.

He urged the need to fight against foreign aggression and occupation in a bid to prevent the expansion of extremism facing today’s world.

The 70-year occupation of Palestine is an issue that needs to be seriously on the agenda of international organizations, Dehqani said.

He also said that ‘military adventurism’ of certain countries which has contributed to the insecurity engulfing the world over the past fifteen years has to be terminated.

Referring to more than 17,000 Iranian victims of terror, the official said that the threat of terrorism and extremism and the subsequent sufferings require collective efforts to uproot these two ominous phenomena.

Removing poverty, reducing unemployment, avoiding to marginalize part of the society, cutting the financial resources of terrorism, transparency and avoiding to adopt double-standard policies in the face of terrorism and extremism as well as preventing the misuse of media and social networks to help the expansion of these two phenomena are of special significance, Dehqani said.