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Supreme Leader serves notice to Iran’s enemies: Era of ‘hit and run’ is over

Al-Monitor- After airstrikes against military bases in Syria on April 30, Iranian sources denied that any of its soldiers were killed in the attack. There is no evidence that the United States is involved, but the attack has further highlighted the tense relations between the two countries.

Two conservative media outlets, Fars News Agency and the Tasnim News Agency, both believed to be linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, reported that an “informed source” rebutted the stories that ran in the Western media that Iranian military advisers were killed in the attack. The New York Times reported that at least 16 people died in the attack on bases used by Iranians and allied groups.

The Syrian government confirmed that missiles were launched against bases near Hama and Aleppo. Immediately after the strikes, unconfirmed reports claimed that eight Iranians had been killed. No group or country has taken responsibility for the attack. Israel most likely conducted an April 9 attack on a base in Homs, Syria, in which Iranians were confirmed to have been killed.

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