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Experts explain what will happen if US pulls out of Iran nuclear deal

Sputnik – With the UK, France and Germany re affirming their commitment to uphold the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal; there remains a possibility that US under President Trump will withdraw, which could have severe ramifications for the political stability in the Middle East.

Sputnik spoke with Anoush Ehteshami Professor of International Relations at Durham University and Ghoncheh Tazmini; Political commentator for more.

Sputnik: What impact would there be if the United States withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Anoush Ehteshami: It will have ramifications for the US’s relations with the EU who have underlined the importance of the nuclear deal with Iran and also complicate the US’s relations with Russia and China.

Russia and China would like to see the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and would take a dim view of the US pulling out of the Iran deal in the midst of negotiations in Korea. So it has global ramifications not just for the Middle East.

Sputnik: Was the deal fair to all sides?

Anoush Ehteshami: I don’t think any party would have signed up to it if it wasn’t fair to them at the time they agreed it. The US wanted to reduce nuclear enrichment, which has happened, Europe wanted the same, as did China and Russia and Iran of course wanted lifting of sanctions and recognition as a nuclear state. So all of them got to get what they wanted.

Ghoncheh Tazmini: This is a multilateral agreement brokered by seven countries, and all of them; including the US have made a commitment. If someone can just unilaterally scrap a deal, that would be a major setback in the validity of international law.

We had this with Bush; reckless thinking. I don’t think Trump can afford to do that due to the already tense situation in the region and the fact that Iran has a strong influence in the Middle East.

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