NPC ready to support petchem investors, licensors

SHANA – The CEO of National Petrochemical Company (NPC) voiced NPC’s support for petrochemical investors and licensors.

Addressing a conference on Iran’s petrochemical industry in Paris, Reza Norouzzadeh said that the company is ready to support all forms of cooperation with providers of licenses, technology and investment with the aim of developing Iran’s petrochemical industry, NIPNA reported

The official underlined Iran’s unparalleled status in the history of human civilization, saying the country is regarded as one of the Middle East region’s influential countries in economic and regional equations.

He added: “Iran, besides its vast territory, ancient civilization, rich culture, young and educated population, geographic situation and being a four-season country, enjoys vast underground, mineral and hydrocarbon resources which have given it an unparalleled status among the regional countries.”

In terms of energy sources, Iran ranks first in the world’s gas reserves and fourth in the world’s oil reserves, he added, saying: “These valuable resources, along with the features mentioned above, are of great attraction for investment in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors in our country.”

Norouzzadeh, who is also deputy petroleum minister for petrochemical affairs, added: “Now the petrochemical industry of Iran, with 50 years of experience, has about 72 million tons of installed capacity and exports more than 26 million tons of products worth around $14 billion. Moreover, more than 100 development plans have been defined in the sector; most of which are underway and will be operational in the coming years.”