Iran Army overhauls another F-4 fighter jet

MNA – Experts and technical staff at Mehrabad’s Shahid Lashkari Air Force Base have overhauled a grounded F-4 fighter jet.

The F-4 fighter jet had been grounded for several years. The overhaul process took one year and six months and 18,000 man-hours to be fit to return to the operational phase.

The jet joined the operational fleet of the Army’s Air Force after a successful final test.

Back in February, Iran overhauled three jets including an F-14 and F-7 fighter aircraft, as well as a PC7 Turbo Trainer.

According to commander of Shahid Babaei Airbase, Mohammad Jafar Tak, the efforts put into the overhauling process of the grounded aircraft shows that the enemy’s attempts at imposing sanctions in a bid to undermine the country’s defense capabilities have been futile.

The efforts are also in line with ‘resistance economy’ and cutting down on expenses, he added.