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Iran-Turkey sign 5 MoUs on sale of aviation industry products

Iran displayed two of its hi-tech reconnaissance drones, Yasir and Bina, in EURASIA 2018 Airshow in Antalya, Turkey. The two drones were displayed in the Iranian governmental institutions’ booth during the EURASIA 2018 airshow which is underway in Antalya from April 25 to 28.

MNA – Iran and Turkey have signed 5 Memorandums of Understanding on the sale of various types of aviation products on the sidelines of 2018 Eurasia Airshow in Antalya, Turkey.

Jaffar Zedwar, an official from Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) told that the five pacts include the sale of aviation products, including nuts and bolts as well as other various parts relating to aviation industry, and the Toloe 4 and Serat 2 UAV engines.

He also announced an agreement on the export of the Iranian ‘Saiyan’ company products to Turkey including various types of radios and aerobatic flying displays.

The Iranian aviation industry official added “Iran’s achievements in the aviation industry including various advanced helicopters and UAVs, have surprised many Turkish and foreign companies at 2018 Eurasia Airshow in Antalya, Turkey.”

He said that the exhibition has displayed three types of Iranian UAVs, including Yassir, Bina and Hamasa that attracted visitors’ attention.

The Iranian aviation industry official also said that three types of Iranian helicopters including ‘Shahed-278’, the twin-engine ‘Saba-248’ and ‘Sorena’ helicopters are featured in the exhibition, all of which were manufactured in Iran by the IAIO.

He said that the ‘Saba-248’ variant was mostly welcomed by the visitors.

Zedwar also said two UAV engines, including the ‘Toloe 4’ and the ‘Serat 2’ were also displayed, adding Turkey was one of the countries that was interested in purchasing Iranian UAV engines.

The Turks are interested in working with Iran in aviation and aerospace fields, and they want technology transfer, and we can work with Turkey, because it is easier to work with Turkey in every field, he added.

Eurasia Airshow is underway in Antalya on April 25-29 and has brought together the decision-makers of the global aerospace industry. it has a wide exhibitor profile with civilian, commercial, and military aviation suppliers and foreign exhibitors make up nearly 70 percent of the participants.

Different Iranian military officials have visited the airshow so far.

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