Iran denounces Israeli, Saudi policies

IRNA – Iran’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations strongly rejected the allegations and policies by the Zionist regime of Israel and Saudi Arabia as the main source of threat to the peace and security in this region.

The statement by the Islamic Republic of Iran was read on Thursday in the United Nations Security Council session that was convened to discuss the Palestine’s complaint letter on the Israeli crimes in Gaza, but the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia exploited it to repeat their allegations against Tehran.

The full text of Iran’s statement is as follows:

Some Iran-phobic and hysteric statements by few we have heard today and recently are being actively perpetuated by those who are badly in need of creating an imaginary enemy to sell their ‘beautiful weapons’ and those who entrench their illegal occupation or aggression through using such weapons. It is a dirty business that has nothing to do with peace and security in the Middle East.

No political theater, such as what we saw this morning inside and outside this room and repeatedly by the representatives of the Israeli regime can cover up the aggressive and expansion policies of this regime and its behavior towards its neighbors as the main source of threat to the peace and security in this region.

The advisory presence of Iran in Syria is at the request of the Syrian government and legitimate in order to assist the Syrians to fight and ultimately eliminate all terrorist groups especially DAESH and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with them and restoring the unity of their country and in achieving a political solution. We categorically reject the Israeli allegations as baseless and sheer fabrication.

It is indeed very ironic that a regime Israeli famous for its atrocities, apartheid policies and war crimes, which is well documented in different United Nations organs and agencies, non-compliant with many UN resolutions and occupying lands of other peoples for many decades can allow itself to accuse other countries in such a sinister way. It is also preposterous that the same regime with highly known record of developing, producing and stockpiling different kinds of inhumane weapons including nuclear weapons ventures to falsely accuse others of trying to acquire similar weapons.

The Saudi baseless allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran amidst their provocative and destabilizing measures in the region are aimed at distracting the international community from their own widespread systematic crimes, including their support for Wahhabi- Takfiri ideology that is the source of many terroristic actions around the world and its home is Saudi Arabia.

The situation in Yemen is another example where the war of aggression of Saudi Arabia is the underlying reason for the escalation of the crisis There have been many attempts by the aggressors as well as those accomplices in this war to cover up their shameful war crimes by introducing false charges against others. The US continuing its lucrative arms business in Yemen while those responsible for the creation of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world setting up shows to hand over their checks to help the victims of their own atrocities.

The Saudi-led coalition measures and nondiscriminatory aerial attacks over the last three years has resulted in mass casualties including women and children, displaced millions, amplified poverty and hunger in an already poor country, and surged epidemic diseases. Such ambitious and expansionist policy measures as well as the inhumane blockade and “using the threat of starvation as an instrument of war” are tantamount to war crimes and crime against humanity that should be carefully investigated and duly prosecuted.